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N1BAA - Jose Castillo <n1baa@...>

I recommend after you have imported the adif file from N1MM to filter the log for just those QSOs...
Then using the ADVANCED filter, change all the DXCCPREFIXes to "K" for the US....and also change the states to "FL".

This will cause the state and the country prefix AND state to be correct.

Jose - N1BAA

Steve wrote:

I used N1MMLogger in the Florida QSO Party this weekend and recorded the
calls of mobiles as N4PN/HAM, N4PJ/CLA, etc. The three letters after the
slash indicate the county in which the mobile was located.
When I export to a text file, the /county stays with the call sign. And
when I import into DXKeeper, the /county appears to be interpreted as a
suffix to which a country is assigned. Thus N4PN/HAM is shown in
DXKeeper as Hungary HA and N4PJ/CLA becomes Cuba CO.
The obvious fix is to go through the text file and delete the /county
annotations. A fair amount of work and hassle.
Any alternatives that might allow me to leave the /county as it is but
make DXKeeper happy and accurate?
The /county logging technique is useful and I'd like to be able to use
it in future state/regional QSO parties and have DXKeeper accommodate it.
Steve K8JQ
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