Steve K8JQ

I used N1MMLogger in the Florida QSO Party this weekend and recorded the calls of mobiles as N4PN/HAM, N4PJ/CLA, etc. The three letters after the slash indicate the county in which the mobile was located.

When I export to a text file, the /county stays with the call sign. And when I import into DXKeeper, the /county appears to be interpreted as a suffix to which a country is assigned. Thus N4PN/HAM is shown in DXKeeper as Hungary HA and N4PJ/CLA becomes Cuba CO.

The obvious fix is to go through the text file and delete the /county annotations. A fair amount of work and hassle.

Any alternatives that might allow me to leave the /county as it is but make DXKeeper happy and accurate?

The /county logging technique is useful and I'd like to be able to use it in future state/regional QSO parties and have DXKeeper accommodate it.


Steve K8JQ

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