DXKeeper 6.5.0 Issue

wb2nvr <wb2nvr@...>

Hi Dave -

I upgraded to version 6.5.0 this morning, with no problems. I just
finished entering today's batch of QSL's received for TO5RZ, and
wanted to upload some information to LOTW (we're uploading Q's as we
enter QSL's received). I did a sort for QSL's received today, and
found 37 items. I changed the QSL_RCVD_VIA to D, and then selected
LOTW, and then Add Requested. I decline to remove the filter, and
then no QSL's are added to the queue. This worked perfectly for the
last few weeks (with previous versions of DXK). I went back a few
revisions, with the same results. In checking further, I noticed
that the Station call, OP call, and Owner calls have ALL been changed
to the OP call. We have four OPs, and 11,600 Q's in the log. Since I
didn't have this problem with 6.4.9, I'm wondering if there was
something in 6.5.0 that caused these items to be changed. I did a
global change for the Station Call and Owner Call, and that corrected
the problem.

Was this caused by something I did incorrectly, or was it the update?

TIA ES 73,


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