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Lee Ratcliff

I was just thinking about this. How long is your license good for? If you
are planning to go back, can you keep the license you have now, or do you
have to reapply?


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From: Dave AA6YQ
Date: 2/27/2008 1:03:43 PM
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I am using an Icom 706, an Astron switching power supply, an MFJ 901-B
Tuner, a small Daiwa SWR meter, a homebrew CI-V and PTT interface and a
Vibroflex paddle clamped to the desktop.

I also brought a homebrew parallel port CW interface, which worked for
Awhile but died after my laptop crashed while moving it; when my Lenovo T61
Is connected to its port extender, any unexpected disconnection crashes the
Laptop. My guess is that the parallel port driver has been corrupted, but
I'm doing fine with the paddle and so don't want to risk making things worse

By playing Russian Roulette with downloaded drivers.

The antenna is a 140' dipole fed with 100 feet of 300 ohm TV twinlead; the
Tuner lets me operate on any band from 80m to 6m. I also bring along a 30'
Telescoping fiberglass antenna support when going somewhere that I'm not
Sure has good trees; in this case, the house we are renting has great trees
20' from the ocean.

Barbados is not governed by a European CEPT license (as was the case when I
Operated from FJ a few years ago) so obtaining a local license is a
Prerequisite. For both Nevis (last year) and Barbados, this took about 2
Months -- with weekly phone calls to keep things on track. Barbados requires

A statement from the owner of the property that its okay to put up an
Antenna, but I always obtain permission from the property owner beforehand
-- whether it's a hotel or a house rental.

The IC-706 is small and light enough to pack in a carry-on, which is a good
Thing because American managed to take a ~6" diameter chunk out of the new
Hard-sided suitcase we bought just before the trip. Fortunately, this
Suitcase contained Kathe's clothes, books, and art supplies, to which there
Was no damage. My guess is that they dropped it from the aircraft to the
Ground while unloading the checked baggage; the 706 would not have survived
That fall. On the other hand, the only filtering this radio provides for
RTTY operation is the pass-band tuning, so working pileups in those modes
Can be a challenge -- even with the MMTTY engine's filtering. Perhaps it's
Time to upgrade...

For anyone who's never been to Barbados, I highly recommend it. While it's a

Long way (3 hours on a 757 from Miami, longer from other places), the
Climate at this time of year is wonderful, the people are extremely
Friendly, the ocean along the west coast is clear and calm for great
Swimming and snorkeling (should have brought my underwater camera!), there
Are interesting things to photograph, and you can drum up some pretty good
Pileups on the WARC bands, 80m, and (I suspect) 160m. So far, I have 977
QSOs in the log and have worked 77 DXCC entities. We'll definitely be back
Here again.


Dave, 8P9RY

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Could you tell us briefly what makes up your traveling
Ham gear? Do you stay at a resort that is particularly
"ham friendly"?

And - do you apply ahead of time for the license for
The local call?

Thanks for all you do for ham radio.
Tom, W3TMC

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