Re: Clearing the DX Keeper log filter

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That gets my vote as well. I feel that would be expected behavior upon
clearing the capture window.

Thanks for your great support!

Jim, KK1W

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I could easily make clearing the Capture window remove the Log Page
filter and make the most recent QSO visible if the Sort panel is set
to UTC.


Dave, 8P9RY

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>DXKeeper 5.9.7 does not clear the Log Page Display filter when you
>click the Capture window's Clear button.

>DXKeeper 6.X does clear the Log Page Display filter when you click the
>Capture window's Clear button.


>Dave, 8P9RY

Yes, it does. But WHY, oh WHY won't it return focus to the last entry
in the log? Is there any real reason for keeping the focus on the last
log entry with the 'captured station' after it is cleared from capture
window? Is it necessary/useful at any time? Fine if it is, but I like
to keep an eye on the bottom line, and I'm doing an awful lot of
clicking to keep the last QSO entered in the log 'in focus.' OK,
I'm weird.

Keep that suntan oil handy, Dave. Thanks. Vic, W4VIC

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