Re: DX-View World Map scalable??

Dave AA6YQ

DXView's world map is not currently resizable.

I do have a working prototype for this, but

1. the Map panel at the bottom of the World Map window has to be relocated
to the Config window (The Plot panel contros are already available as the
Selection panel on the Config window's "Plot Settings" panel

2. I need to find, generate, or purchase a high-resolution world map, and
then create variants that show Continent, ZQ zone, ITU zone, ITU region, and
Maidenhead field boundaries. I used MapInfo to create the current map, but
they've since been purchased by Pittney Bows and gone upmarket. If you come
across a high-quality, high-resolution (at least 2048 x 1024) political
world map in a cylindrical equidistant projection (360 degrees in width, 180
degrees in height, 2:1 aspect ratio), let me know. If someone is interested
in digital cartography and wants to take this on as a sub-project, that'd be

3. I'm reluctant to work on any of this until DXKeeper 6.0 is being
distributed by the Launcher...


Dave, AA6YQ

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Hello folks,

is there a posibility to make the window from DXV World map smaller?
Have a problem to fit everything to my monitor ( It's a big one 22")...

Thanks, Andy

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