Re: DXK: QSL status - what is difference between I and X ?

Art Burke <aburkefl@...>

Click on the HELP button on the DXKeeper window.
When the HELP data comes up, look about three items down for:


Click on that - the codes you're asking about (and all the other codes
as well, are there.

Art - N4PJ

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I read the manual, but about QSLing and the indicators I got a little
bit confused.

In the QSL_rcvd box, what is the difference between "I" and "X" ??

In APP_DXKeeper_EQSL_QSL_rcvd what difference between "V" and "Y" ??

What means "U" in lotw and eqsl? I uploaded a few qsos to lotw and
then an "U" When chnges it to "Y"??

73, Andy, DL1AKP

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