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Art Burke <aburkefl@...>

(1) I didn't know that would do what it does, but....
(2) that leaves the size much bigger than when I started! LOL!

What I was hoping I'd see was what I started with, before I added
panels - i.e., I display the log, and the Capture window and DXView
below that. I would like, if possible, to be able to add any panels,
use them as needed, then, when removing them, have the log window go
back to the size it was before I started opening up more panels.

As long as no error or crash is encountered, it isn't the end of the
world. As I stated earlier to Rich, I generally only have a bunch of
extra panels open when I'm either getting ready to do a batch of
QSLs, or when processing a log of QSL cards that have recently
arrived. It isn't too much of a big deal to re-size the window when
I'm finished.

Art - N4PJ

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Hi Art,

I you hold the Control key and then remove the additional panels
(uncheck the radio buttons) the screen will stay the same size.

73 Art W2NRA
"Keep to the code!"

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Art Burke

That's pretty much what mine does as well.

The monitors I use in the shack have much higher resolution and
more "depth" i.e., they show a lot more from top to bottom. The
in the family room is real wide. On that one (the one in the
room), the display gets really shrunk for the logs after opening
other panels and then going back to only log and aux.

In the shack, it looked like it was working much, much better, but
once the screen starts to get somewhat "overloaded" when removing
the additional panels, my log screen gets "shrunk" as well.

That's about as technical as I can make it! hi hi

Art - N4PJ

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I can't duplicate this.
I normally keep DXK the same, QSL, ONLINE, AWARDS.
Same as Andy
The remainder of the window is filled with previous logged qsos,
choice is 'UTC')

If I then add 'Details', the logged qsos space is taken up by
Details and
Previous Logged Qso just shows less qsos.

When I now 'disable Details' that pane is removed and all is as
except that the previous qsos portion remains the size it shrunk
to when
Details was visible. And the entire DVK window is now smaller.
WinXP Pro, nVidia dual DVI card.

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Thanks, Andy. This defect has been popular today!


Dave, AA6YQ

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Hello Dave,

possibly I found a programm error in DXK 6.1.0.
In the "LogQSO" tab I check the following boxes: QSL,
If I check then "Details", all checked Boxes are empty, the
vanish and the hole screen is filled up with the log page.

Then I have to check again the boxes I want to see.
But I don't get a errorlog.txt note.

73, Andy

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