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Art Burke <aburkefl@...>

Thanks Art. I overlooked the "ambiguous" BS!

I mistakenly figured that since DXView was picking up FJ as St.
Barts that everything was working fine. Now that I think about it,
the very first time I logged TO5FJ I had to set the DXCC to St.
Barts - it didn't happen automatically!

Many thanks.

My wife gets a kick out of amateurs when they refer to people - it's
always "I was having lunch with Art - W2NRA - the other day...." and
she says, "You always add their call like it was part of their name!"
I told her it *is* part of our name! hi hi

Art - N4PJ
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Hi Art

My last post, to Andy, works for you too.

The TO5 prefix for the callsign TO5FJ is an ambiguous French
prefix and
does not indicate St. Barts. You'll have to add TO5FJ on the
Overrides tab of SpotCollector or DXView.

73 Art W2NRA
"Keep to the code!"

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When the new database came out recently, I printed out the
instructions for updating. Closed everything in DXLabs, including
LabLauncher. Unzipped the new database (v 2.2.3) into DXView (into
Databases folder). Also loaded the .txt file for WW. Went into SC
clicked on the recompute button.

Noticed early this morning when I clicked on SC for a spot of FJ,
country is listed as "?" instead of FJ. And of course, no
announcements for it either.

Is there part of it that didn't "take?"

Running DXK v6.0.0
Everything other app (in DXLabs) is the latest available.

Art - N4PJ

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