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Just to help in your search. It appears the 'only' check box that
causes this behavior is 'details'. If I size my screen and check all
the boxes except details the screen can grow vertically beyond my
screen limits. If the 'details' check box is selected and you start to
click down the list as soon as it grows past the screen real estate
all check boxes are cleared.

Hope this helps,


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I think you'll find that this is behavior is triggered by an action that
expands the Main window's vertical height beyond what's available.
users have suggested improvements to this approach, which I'll be
considering as the defect hunt winds down.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Opening the available panels by clicking down the list, I found the
Propagation and User Define checkboxes cauuse all the open panels to
close, leaving only the log.

Trying it in different order, the checkbox that closes all the open
panels except the log changes, to for example Online QSL.

73 Art

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