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Does this apply to the Icom 756Pro II also? I notice that 'narrow' and
'normal' are reversed from what actually is set in the transceiver. I
looked to see if there was a way to relabel but didn't see a way to do

Just converting over from DXbase - lots to learn but a very nice piece
of software. Thanks for all your efforts.

Jim, KK1W

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Welcome to DXLab, Mike!

There's no way to reverse the normal and wide codes at present, but
been on my "to do" list for awhile.


Dave, AA6YQ

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I am using Commander to control my IC-781 radio on my local WiFi LAN.
It works really well running on a WindowsXP machine directly connected
to the 718 and being accessed remotely using screen sharing on my Apply

After installing W4RT's Collins filters in my 718 I learned that Icoms
filter groups function applies to this radio or at least it does from
MixW (user defined macro) and HRD (buit in HRD function).

As the filter pulldown on Commander only gives you two choices when the
IC-718 is selected I went into the Radios file and made both Filter0=T
and FilterGroups=T like this:

radio=IIC-718, Address=5E, Filter0=T, FilterGroups=T, VFOExchange=F,
FilterByte=T, Split=T, Smeter=T

Now I do get the correct filter selections of Wide, Normal and Narrow
but the Normal and Narrow functions are reversed. Wide gives me the
20kHz wide selection (no 455 kHz. filters used) not Normal gives me the
500 Hz. filter and Narrow gives me the 2.5 kHz. filter.

The correct command sequence is:

Narrow = Hex FE FE 5E E0 06 01 03 FD
Normal = Hex FE FE 5E E0 06 01 02 FD
Wide = Hex FE FE 5E E0 06 01 01 FD

Is there anyway that I can reverse the command bytes for Normal "02"
and Narrow "03", that Commander is sending, so that the lables will
match the filter selections?

Michael Blake

73 - Mike - K9JRI

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