Re: Commander and FT-1000D

Joe Subich, W4TV

Does anyone else with an FT-1000D see Commander reporting the
transceiver to be in RTTY-R on some bands but RTTY on other bands?
The frequency/mode reports are the same for the FT-1000D, FT-1000MP,
Mark V, etc. I have never seen RTTY-R on some bands and not others
with the Mark V. I think I'd start by clearing the memories/CPU of
the FT-1000D.


... Joe, W4TV

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That's very puzzling indeed, Wolf.

Does anyone else with an FT-1000D see Commander reporting the
transceiver to be in RTTY-R on some bands but RTTY on other bands?


Dave, AA6YQ

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I have now set the WW Mode Control Panel to have WW go to RTTY for
RTTY and RTTY-R at the Transceiver (Commander) side.
WW now follows my mode selection on the FT-1000D on all bands.
No problem here.

On the FT-1000D you can either select RTTY/LSB (normal) or RTTY/USB
I assume RTTY/USB should correspond to what you call RTTY-R in

When the FT-1000D is in RTTY/LSB Commander indicates RTTY-R on
20m/30m/80m and RTTY on all other bands.
When I change from RTTY/LSB to RTTY/USB Commander does not change
RTTY mode on any band.

When commanding RTTY from WW the FT-1000D is always put to RTTY/LSB
it should.
(I have selected FSK RTTY in the RTTY Operating Mode Panel)
However, Commander reports RTTY-R on 20/30/80m

I have operated RTTY on all bands recently and never got any
reports of
being inverted.

Leaves me puzzeled.

73 de Wolf, DK1FW

Dave Bernstein schrieb:

Commander is just reporting the transceiver mode, Wolf. WinWarbler
places the transceiver into a specified mode when you set
its "Operating Mode" panel to RTTY, but only one such transceiver
mode can be specified -- it can't be configured to place the
transceiver into RTTY on some bands and into RTTY-R on others.

So the questions are

"why is your FT1000D using RTTY-R on some bands and RTTY on the

"Aren't you upside down when operating RTTY on some bands?"


Dave, AA6YQ

--- In dxlab@... <mailto:dxlab%>, "Wolf,
DK1FW" <dk1fw@> wrote:

With the new Mode Selection feature in WW 546 I realised that WW
did not
follow RTTY mode selction on the FT-1000D on 20m and 30m.
Mode Selecton Panel was set for CW=CW, USB/LSB=FONE, RTTY=RTTY.

When checking COMMANDER, which is normally minimized in my
setup, I
found that contrary to all other bands Commander shows FT-1000D
RTTY-R on 20m and 30m.
On the other bands it shows FT-1000D RTTY as RTTY.

I seem to have overlooked that, when I checked the Commander
version for
the FT-1000D, which Dave sent me some time ago.

Meanwhile setting RTTY-R=RTTY in WinWarbler in the WW Mode
Panel is a viable work-around.

73 de Wolf, DK1FW

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