Re: QSL Labels print "OP" callsign confirming QSO

wb2nvr <wb2nvr@...>

Rich, you're correct.

However, I don't think LOTW cares who the actual OP was - just the
call sign of the station that was on the air. After we update the
QSL message, and change the OP field to the actual call sign used on
the air, we change to the correct LOTW ccertificate, and upload our
Q's. Works perfectly - except if someone forgets to change to the
correct LOTW certificate!



--- In, "Richard B. Drake" <rich@...> wrote:

That's fine for paper QSL's that are only read by humans but be
that computers can not interpret what's in a free form QSLmsg
Thus neither or LoTW can read and understand your note.

For you need a separate account for each callsign and for
LoTW you need a separate digital certificate for each callsign.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

At 12:16 PM 10/22/2007, you wrote:
At W2RZS, we've solved the problem by using the QSL MSG field. In
the Op field, we use our club call sign (W2RZS, J75RZ, 6Y2RZ, etc.)
We have a different QSL message for each OP who records Q's. You
have to remember to change the MSG when you log a Q to show your
call, but that's the only down side. When importing logs from a
multi-op using N1MM, (N1MM has you actual operator's call in the OP
field) the OP call sign is used to filter all the Q's by OP, the
MSG is changed to whoever the OP was, and then the OP call sign is
changed to the club call.

If you want, contact me off line, or call me at 914-347-7331 to
discuss further.


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