Re: alarm on Pathfinder 4.4.6

Rob Dennison <ab7cf@...>

Hi Danny,

Some time ago I went to the Microsoft Download site and downloaded
IE6setup to a CD. Don't know if it has all the executables you need or
if it goes back to the download center to get more stuff, but would be
happy to send a copy to you.


On Fri, 31 Aug 2007 10:16:55 -0400 "Danny Douglas" <n7dc@...>

I am using Win2000Pro, and understood IE 7 wasnt built for that? I
know why the problem when I try either ie5 or ie6, but when I have
executable up and running, it goes to the MS site, says its
starting, then
just sits there, never completing the job. I eventually stop it
(after an
hour or more), and I do have high speed download here. Once, I even
left it
connected and supposedly downloading for 4 hours, came back and it
was still
just sitting there. Its odd, because when I try to do it again, it
back and asks if I wasnt to continue, or start from the beginning.
matter which I select, it still doesnt do anything.

At work, I had a complete copy I used there, without having to do
playing around, but when I retired, I forgot to bring a copy with
me. We
just got tired of dealing with that, for hundreds of computers. I
suspect I
will be able to put the Win2000 disc back in, and get it from there,
dont want to foul things up, being as I am down to just one
computer here right now. Still waiting for a new hard drive for the
computer - and want to keep one operational. HI.

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Actually I don't think you can completely remove IE from your
There have been huge lawsuits over that but Microsoft claims it is
integral part of the system and cannot be removed.

With WinXP+ you can hide the IE desktop Icon and make another
the default but you can't remove IE. Yes if you want to download
IE 7
(It's a big improvement over IE 6 so I recommend you do that) it
first gets a very small executable that I believe determines what
parts of IE you need to download for your particular system and
downloads only what you need. That works, and it minimizes the
of stuff you need to download. Why is that a problem?

73, Rich - W3ZJ

At 08:46 AM 8/31/2007, you wrote:
Came right up without the error. Hmmmm might it be because I am
IE at all? I have Firefox on the computer. Took IE off at one
because It wasnt acting right, and when I try to put it back on,
I hit up
against the stupid way they want to upload to me, with a small
program on
the computer that then reaches out and downloads the rest of it.
you have to have IE in order to get IE. Makes a lot of sense!!
when I
try to activate Firefox, then the setup, it seems to start, then
there without ever having done much, and have left it an hour or
more to
affect. Have been trying to find a separate full copy of IE,
I look it just want to upload the setup files, and that fails
every time
try to use it. Using Win2000Pro here, and have tried IE5 and 6
both. If
misremember, 6 is for XP?

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