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At 11:33 AM 8/19/2007, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:

Does this mean I can claim those countries on the basis of
my confirmed contacts with those parts of Yugoslavia? Or is it just
the one deleted entity?
No. When you worked them they were Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia became
Serbia as the other ethnic groups achieved independence (split
from) Yugoslavia. Any credits for Yugoslavia count for Serbia -
the government in Serbia still holds the old Yugoslav seat in the
UN and other international bodies.
Darn! I was hoping for a freebie!

If you've been around long enough, you may have Netherlands Antilles
credit for a contact in Aruba before 1986. If you were to work the
same station today, it would count for P4 Aruba. The situation is
the same (independence).
Guess I missed that one, but there's always hope that someone will get bored and send a card that I don't remember! <G>

Thanks for the help,

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