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At 10:53 PM 8/18/2007, Dave Bernstein wrote:

Yes. When Montenegro split away from DXCC entity #296 (then known as
Yugoslavia), the DXCC decided to change the name of entity #296 to
Thanks for the help on BOTH lists, Dave.

Sorry for the multiple posts here, my email program was telling me the message didn't go through.

I found out yesterday morning that DXCC cards would be checked today in Albuquerque, at the Duke City Hamfest, so I hastily assembled a submission and drove up there. Found a few problems, like my QSL card for 3A2LJ was overstamped with a G3???/MM, rendering the card useless for DXCC, although it's still a nice memento of days gone by. Truthfully, it might have been a MM that I contacted, it was 20+ years ago and I simply don't remember. There was also a card for YU7GW, but the card wasn't from YU7GW, it was from an SWL in Lithuania telling that he had heard us, and I had counted the card for Lithuania. Got that fixed, and now I am down to 98 confirmed, but cards should be on the way from N8S, KH0N, WH0C, and SZ6P, so I should have enough shortly.

For some reason, the card record sheet listed Hawaii twice, and continental United States on 6 meters twice, once for SSB and once for CW. Is there something I may have set wrong to make this happen? Dave, for a basic DXCC, I go into DXKeeper, configure/awards, and check NOTHING under DXCC/Top Bands and Modes, right? I had CW checked before when I generated the submission.

Tnx es 7 3

P.S. -- although I didn't get my DXCC today, I DID take second place in the QLF competition, and won an MFJ coffee cup for it. The had this HUGE straight key, made of plywood & various other stuff, connected to an old CPO. Of course, during the warm up, I had to send "VVV VVV DE KSM KSM KSM", but nobody seemed to realize it! <G>

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