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Dave AA6YQ


Some time ago, the maintainers of the online German callbook changed
their site to ensure that it cannot be accessed in any way other than
by typing a callsign into its Rufzeichen textbox and clicking
its "Suche starten" button. When you attempt to query this site using
either Pathfinder or Pathfinder Online, the result is a page full of
error reports. Juergen DL8LE has been working to get this changed,
but suggested in the meantime that it would be more useful if
Pathfinder's country-specify callbook search would simply display the
German Callbook site when the target callsign is German. You must
then manually type a callsign into its Rufzeichen textbox and click
its "Suche starten" button, but at least you'll see the lookup

I have implemented Juergen's suggestion in Pathfinder Online, and the
next time you run Pathfinder you'll be prompted to download an
updated DL search that operates in this way. If you forget what to
do, let the mouse cursor hover over the DL search button for a few
seconds, and a popup with explanatory contents will appear.

Thanks to Juergen for his efforts on our behalf...


Dave, AA6YQ

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