DXKeeper 1.1.7 is available

Dave, AA6YQ <dhb@...>

This release

- corrects a defect that prevented the import operation from properly
crediting QSOs that were worked but not confirmed

- corrects a defect that caused PSK QSOs to not be included in Mixed

- can generate a detailed progress report (click the "Report" button on
the Progress tab)

- when the "Import from Logger" box is checked, relocates the second and
subsequent words of the incoming Name field to the Notes field.

If you've already installed DXKeeper 1.1.1 or later, you can upgrade to
version 1.1.7 by downloading and then running
www.qsl.net/dxkeeper/DXKeeper117Update.exe -- your online help will be
updated by this process.


Dave, AA6YQ

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