Re: DXKeeper 1.1.6 is available

Dave, AA6YQ <dhb@...>

That's a pretty good clue, Rich -- it implies that the import operation is
not properly handling worked-but-not-confirmed QSOs. I've imported my 13K
QSOs (from the first-generation DXLab, which began life as an alternative
user interface for log files created by LOGic) and the
worked/confirmed/verified numbers match exactly, but perhaps your logging
program does things a bit differently, ADIF not withstanding.

Could you send me the ADIF file you're importing, or at least a fragment
containing several worked-but-not-confirmed QSOs?

Was the import operation reliable? How was import performance?


Dave, AA6YQ

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I am still having a problem with the Progress Table not showing
correct results for imported log entries. I did a little more
research and found that the only entries that were appearing in
the table were QSO's marked confirmed. The table contains all
"F's" and no "W's". All the DXCC prefixes for worked but not
confirmed countries look correct. As a test, I entered a new
country in the capture window and logged it. Indeed, that contact
now shows up as the only "W" in the progress table. Doing a
recompute doesn't change things. I have no idea what's going on
but maybe that's clue for you. If you like I can zip up a copy of
my mdb file and mail it to you.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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