Re: Progress window

Richard B Drake

OK, a bunch of stuff here.

First I have succeeded in getting the import to work with DXView.
Here is what I did:

1) Closed all applications and closed my dial up connection.

2) Disabled Norton Antivirus autoprotect, disabled task scheduler.
I'm not sure this was necessary but my object was to eliminate any
possible interference from external software interrupts.

3) Opened DXView, Opened DXKeeper.

4) Started the Import. It proceeded to import and fill in the
prefix info for the first 3762 QSO's, then halted as before.

5) Created another ADIF file containing only the remaining 1238
QSO's and started again.

It completed normally. Its interesting that after staring the
import, the DXKeeper window is on top and has the focus. Clicking
on the DXView window so that it becomes the top window with the
focus speeds up the import by a ratio of at least ten times, maybe

This did not fix the summary discrepancy of countries worked. It
also did not fix the 3G0Y problem, though he now shows with the
proper CE0Y prefix, my contacts with him still do not show in the
progress window. What it looks like is that it just stops
recording info in the progress window at some point. For example,
if I search for the ZS prefix using filter DXCC it shows I have
worked a bunch of them, yet no contacts with ZS show up in the
progress window. I'm not sure how to find exactly where it stops
counting. The summary shows 96 countries (mixed band/mode), there
are actually 252.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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