Re: SC SpecialCallsign List for SKCC

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

The Last SpecialCallsign List for SKCC has member N3VXY #22686.

The Member Roster now ends with member CO6RQ #26791.

Are these list updated periodically or are they requested from someone?

+ As described in the " Adding Callsigns to the Special Callsign List" section of

+ you can direct SpotCollector to add callsigns and to its "Special Callsign List" by loading them from a properly formatted file, in addition to adding them manually. This article cites a source of such files:

+ In the table on that site, note the column labeled "SpotCollector, Win1010".

+ If you're using one or more lists downloaded from this site, you should periodically check it for updates.

+ More details about SpotCollector's "Special Callsign List" are here:


Dave, AA6YQ

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