Calendar Plugin?

Rory Griffin, W4RJG

Hi all,
      Love seeing all the help going on.  I have an ic7100 and find win4icom works well with DxLabs.  Another software is ic7100bkt.  Not as feature rich, and graphics work but not as smooth.  It has some features win4icom has or work better.  But can't run both at the same time.  In plain english one looks at everything in MHz and the other in KHz.  drats! (No, not D-Rats). 
     So the reason I am here.  IC7100BKT has a calendar event feature.  So I can have the radio ready to switch to a net with all the settings in place.  And a warning before the switch.  Is anyone aware of something like that to communicate with Commander is like fashion?  Or some way to communicate to ic7100 via some other control software.  Need to go cheap.  Free like DxLabs and all the attachments running in and out through it is best :).  Thanking you in advance for trying even if the result is no.

73  Rory W4RJG

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