Re: DXLab and Mac M1

Aubrey Mansfield

Update:  Did the install again but this time when he asked if I wanted to install in "DXLabLauncher" (which is strange in itself) I changed it to "DXLab" and checked "yes" when asked if I wanted that folder created.  Lo and behold all of the installions were installed!  However, Commander, Spotcollector, etc. are NOT in the "C:\\DXLab" directory.  They were all instead installed in the "C:\\" in spite of my instructions.   The only thing in the "C:\\DXLab" is Launcher and some other stuff like Launch Agent.  I just check Launcher and there were some upgrades which installed with no problems.

Anyway, I'm taking a break but will see if things actually work later.  I still have not idea why all of this is happening.  It's really weird!

Aubrey, W7OLY


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