Issue with WinWarbler 9.5.4 i

Curt Bowles

Hi Dave...

FYI: Have an issue with WW 9.5.4...

Background: Windows 11 - DXLab all applications up to date
DigiKeyer II microHam USB Device Router 9.3.4 ...Using WinKey Comm port : Com8


Problem: Winwarbler (WW) will not send a complete CW message either by Macros; or anything typed into the transmit Pane. Only the first letter is transmitted then the rest of the string of characters is cleared without transmitting it. The first letter does key the FTDX3000 and the code goes out over the air.

When I monitor Digi Keyer II Winkey Monitor ... I can see the first letter in the string sent but no other characters.

Exceptions are in my security suite but I turned if off temporarily and WW acts the same. Tried restoring 

WinWarbler 9.5.4  no changed....

Reverted WW back to V.9.4.2 and CW works normally now....

Curt Bowles

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