Re: DXView/Pathfindr QRZ

Edward Jahncke (N5KGV)

On one hand I understand your decision to leave in the ad space because of the cheap "bas*****rds" who won't pay the nominal QRZ license fee, BUT
on the other hand, why should those of us who buy the license to avoid the ads, have to suffer with your choice?

Using my access to directly, before I updated my license, the log display provided ads, requiring me to scroll down to see the ham's data.
After renewing my license, no ads were displayed and the ad space was gone, immediately displaying the ham's data.

I am not a programmer (last programing iI tried was DOS (pre-windows), but somewhere in my fuzzy brain I remember some "IF then" option commands.
Is there something in the QRZ program that is different in the "free-add" version vs the "paid no-ad" version?
A location for an If-then option in Pathfinder?
Edward N5KGV

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