Re: Default QSL Message not being retained

Ken Bandy, KJ9B

Thanks for the response, Dave. I followed your instructions as outlined below. I am noticing that the Default QSL message is not retained even if I just simply close DXKeeper, and don't change Workspaces. In other words, after I have selected the Default QSL message I want in the Config, and confirmed it is working, I close DXKeeper. Then I re-open DXKeeper, without changing Workspaces, and the Default QSL message does not re-appear in either the Config -> Defaults tab, or in a newly logged QSO.

Ken, KJ9B

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+ AA6YQ comments below

I am using a workspace, and that thought crossed my mind as well. I have updated the W9ISF workspace a couple of times after setting the default message. Doing so had no change in the behavior I'm seeing. Thanks for the thought, though.

+ Note: to update a Workspace with a modified setting,

1. modify the setting in the application (DXKeeper)

2. terminate the application (DXKeeper)

3. direct the Launcher to update the Workspace with the application's (DXKeeper's) settings

4. start the application (DXKeeper)


Dave, AA6YQ

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