Re: Default QSL Message not being retained

Ken Bandy, KJ9B

Hi Joe. I am using a workspace, and that thought crossed my mind as well. I have updated the W9ISF workspace a couple of times after setting the default message. Doing so had no change in the behavior I'm seeing. Thanks for the thought, though.

Ken, KJ9B

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Are you loading a workspace at startup? If so, is the default QSL message stored in that workspace (did you update the workspace after setting the default QSL message)?


... Joe, W4TV

On 2022-08-10 9:42 AM, Ken Bandy, KJ9B wrote:
Good morning, Dave. I have recently stumbled onto an issue that may
or may not be a problem. With the annual special event that I host, I
always have the default QSL Message set up in DXKeeper with "Thanks
from W9ISF!". I have noticed this year that when I start DXKeeper,
after logging a QSO, the QSL message is blank. I need to go to the
"Defaults" tab in "Config" and select my message in order for it to
show up once again. Once I do this, it will continue to automatically
fill until I terminate DXKeeper and re-start it. I don't recall
having to select this for every operating session in the past. If
this is normal behavior, then that's fine. I just wanted to point it out in case it's not.

Thanks as usual,

Ken, KJ9B

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