Re: dxlab commander to rf2k interface

Wolf, DK1FW

Although I do not own an RF2K I have checked the available information some time ago.

An english manual is available at
Section 5.2.6  provides information on CAT- and UDP-Interface
According to that the default UDP port of the RF2K is 12060
So configuring Commanders "UDP Network Service" to send frequency information to port 12060 should get things going

Hope that helps
73 de Wolf, Dk1FW

Am 08.08.2022 um 08:27 schrieb Dave AA6YQ:

+ AA6YQ comments below
I am looking to config my rf2k amp to commander.
I have been in network service in commander.  i have ip address of and port 52002.
in rf2k udp port window I have  52002 and listening to active radio.

+ I went looking for documentation that would explain how the RF2K implements "CAT data through IP (UDP)" - but found none.

+ Port 52002 is what Commander utilizes to interoperate with other DXLab applications, and thus will not be used to communicate with your RF2K.. To convey frequency reports to your RF2K, you will likely configure Commander's "UDP Network Service" to send N1MM-style frequency update packets to an appropriate port:


           Dave, AA6YQ

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