Re: DXK/N1MM Gateway


Jim, you can change the UDP base port in PstRotatorAz to something like 10000 then in N1MM+ you can change the UDP Rotor port to 10060 that should solve the issue.


The 12060 UDP port being used in DXKGW is hardcoded to that base address and cannot be changed to the best of my knowledge.


Joe K8FC


From: <> On Behalf Of Jim N7US
Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2022 13:01
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Subject: [DXLab] DXK/N1MM Gateway


I recently resumed using rotor control program PstRotatorAz including its SteppIR Controller window.


I just tried N1MM-DXKeeper Gateway, after not using it for a long time, and found it couldn’t connect to N1MM because PstRotatorAz is already using Radio Port 12060 to communicate with N1MM.


Is there a work-around?


73,  Jim N7US


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