Re: Lotw failure to update status of LotW QSOs when DXKeeper claims one QSO is "Already Uploaded"


Thank you, Joe, it sounds good.  I found where the Gateway can be downloaded.  I’ll look into it. 

73, Art W2NRA

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Art, as a side note, if you are using N1MM+ to log the CWT you can also use N1MM DXKeeper Gateway to automatically log each CWT QSO as you work them.  I use this feature all the time and it eliminates me having to export the CWT file to ADIF and the subsequent import of said file into DXKeeper.




Joe, K8FC


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Hi Dave,


I had 157 dupes.  I take the CWOPS CWT contest QSOs, convert them to ADIF files, add the data in the right field to import to the DXKeeper adif file.  From there it’s easy to add data from the contest program and upload that data to DXKeeper.  I must have created one contest twice by mistake.  That’s a first in 5 years.  I also verify the total QSOs every week or two.  And since DXKeeper QSOs matched the number CWOPS QSOs I though everything was fine.


I’m curious, why doesn’t DXKeeper stop the duplicate QSOs when imported? 


There’s nothing difficult about the DXKeeper wiki.  It’s just so much to look thru, so I wind up reading sections over and over, loosing my place, going back, forgetting what I read and where I read it.  It’s me, not you.

73, Art W2NRA

CWOPS #1955

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+ AA6YQ comments below

That worked great! All 74,492 QSOs since 1979 are still there and so are my 36,916 CWOPS QSOs.

+ Good! How many duplicates were removed?

FTR I get lost in the DXLab wiki. I have to keep reading it over and over. 

+ If you come across a section that you find difficult to understand, please point it out so that I can improve it.


            Dave, AA6YQ


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