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Paul Gerardi

Ok…I checked the Details box to make the Details panel visible and looks like DIST is blank even though logs have grid squares and lat/long info.

What am I doing wrong?

Does it need to recalculate or something else to check?




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Thanks for adding me to the group.


+ Welcome to DXLab, Paul!


Is there way to get a quick snapshot or indication of the farthest contact made?


+ If each of your logged QSOs has its DISTANCE item populated, then


1. on the Configuration window's Log tab, check the "Log Panels" panel's Details box; this will make the Details panel visible on the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab so that you can see the currently-selected QSO's distance


2. on the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab, click the "Adv" button above the Log Page Display; the "Advanced Sorts, Filters, and Modifiers" window will appear


3. in the "Advanced Sorts, Filters, and Modifiers" window's "User-defined Sorts" panel, type




into the wide textbox with a 1 to its left, and then click the Select button to its right; you now have a "user-defined sort" in descending order of DISTANCE


4 in the Sort panel at the lower-left corner of the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab, click the User button to select your "user-defined sort"


+ The top-most entry in the Log Page Display has the longest distance, which is displayed in the Details panel above Log Page Display.


+ If you add a DISTANCE column to the Log Page Display, you'll be able to see the DISTANCE items of each QSO in the Log Page Display; see


+ To restore the Log Page Display's sort order to "chronological", click the Sort panel's UTC button.


+ If some or all of your logged QSOs do not specify a DISTANCE item, DXKeeper can compute them for you en masse; if you'd like to do this, let me know and I'll show you how.




             Dave, AA6YQ










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