Re: Lotw failure to update status of LotW QSOs when DXKeeper claims one QSO is "Already Uploaded"

Joe Subich, W4TV

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... Joe, W4TV

On 2022-08-05 3:52 PM, ART W2NRA via wrote:
Hi Dave,
Your wrote:

+ The most common cause of this situation? You have one or more duplicate QSOs in your log, possibly from importing a file of QSOs that you had already imported. But let's not jump to conclusions; please filter the Log Page Display to show all QSOs with AA2IL. Is there more than one copy of your QSO on 20m CW on 2022-06-14 at 03:23:24Z ?
YOU ARE RIGHT! And it is probably multiple duplicate QSOs.
How do I fix that?
Which dups do I delete? Some have been uploaded. Or does it matter if I delete a QSO that has been uploaded and then upload the other QSO again?
Thank you!
73, Art W2NRA CWOPS #1955

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