Re: FT8 and Spotcollector issue

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I like this function, i.e. the interoperation between WSJT-X and Spotcollector and those which are possible by this interoperation, e.g. direct logging into DXKeeper, DXView information populated etc. There is only one feature missing which I would appreciate very much to see if ever possible: in Spotcollector's Config Window Spot Sources - WSJT-X there should be a function to be enabled by checking a box "DXKeeper Lookup" as exists already for "Callbook Lookup" to see if a station shown as local spot has been worked before or not.

+ That's the function of the Lookup checkbox in the WSJT-X panel on the "Spot Sources" tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window.

My present work around is to double click on a call in the band activity window (then the call and available DXKeeper information will pop up) and after a look at this information I iniate the call in FTx. This means I don't use the settings "Double click on call sets TX enable" which is quite inconvenient and takes time, not so nice.

+ WSJT-X does not provide any other way of conveying a "decoded callsign of interest" to another application. With the WSJT-X "Double click on call sets TX enable" option disabled, it takes only one mouse click on the WSJT-X Main window to click the "Enable TX" button if you're interested in working the station after seeing the DXKeeper lookup.


Dave, AA6YQ

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