Re: Solar Flux

Peter Dougherty

Interesting. I have DXCC on 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters,
but I've only worked 15 DXCC entities on 6 meters. That was using FT8
with 100 watts and a hex beam. I guess DL is the farthest I've worked. 
Not F2 propagation?  Doubt I'll get DXCC on 6 meters in my lifetime.
Don't be so sure about that! I started on 6m in 2005 with a 6M5 Yagi at 35', and using SSB and CW, I managed to get to about 70. I went QRO to 1500W, changed the 6M5 out for a 6 element LFA, and this season not only did I hit 100, but I'm up to 111 entities and just shy of 850 grid squares. If you can get even a little 3 or 4 element Yagi or preferably a Loop Fed Array, and a bit more than 100W there's no reason you can't hit 100 entities in a few years with typical seasonal Es and a bit of luck and time at the radio. You can do it!

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