Re: FT8 and Spotcollector issue


I like this function, i.e. the interoperation between WSJT-X and Spotcollector and those which are possible by this interoperation, e.g. direct logging into DXKeeper, DXView information populated etc. There is only one feature missing which I would appreciate very much to see if ever possible: in Spotcollector's Config Window Spot Sources - WSJT-X there should be a function to be enabled by checking a box "DXKeeper Lookup" as exists already for "Callbook Lookup" to see if a station shown as local spot has been worked before or not.

I don't ask for mode (if this would be limited to the modes of WSJT-X would be ok for me) or band or whatever else, just to see if worked at all. Reason for this is that the FTx activity has increased significantly over time and the bands are pretty crowded already. Therefore it is hard to remember it the station has been worked already or not, even on the same day.

My present work around is to double click on a call in the band activity window (then the call and available DXKeeper information will pop up) and after a look at this information I iniate the call in FTx. This means I don't use the settings "Double click on call sets TX enable" which is quite inconvenient and takes time, not so nice. Another way using N1MM together with the DXLab gateway is also not very convenient but possible of course.  To update the ADIF file in WSJT-X all the time (I did this already) and using the information provided by WSJT-X's colour code is possible as well, therefore my enhancement proposal is not a "must have" but more a "nice to have", but it would help significantly. Please note that I don't ask for a contest logger function, just a support for working other stations and to avoid duplicate calls on crowded bands. Missing calls for e.g. DXCC are already displayed in red, i.e. the information transfer from DXKeeper (via Spotcollector?) to WSJT-X works already without any problem.

Best solution would be that I would miss one settings in DXLab which already exists ...


Juergen, DL8LE

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