Re: FT8 and Spotcollector issue

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Hello all…..I just managed to get FT8 running here with WSJT and I have linked it to DXKeeper through Spotcollector

to transfer my logged contacts from WSJT to DXKeeper automatically. However, I am now seeing endless FT8 spots

being posted with me VE3SS as the spotter. Why is this happening? Do I have something turned on that I don’t need

to have on??? This cant be normal as I see only a few other spotter calls and the majority are me.

Any help is appreciated. I do have the automatic transfer of contacts working between the two programs but

these endless posted spots are worrying me

+ With WSJT-X directly interoperating with DXlab, any station decoded by your instance of WSJT-X will be conveyed to SpotCollector as a "local spot" with your callsign as the source.. Like local spots you generate by clicking the Local button in SpotCollector's "Outgoing Spots" panel, the information is incorporated in the Spot Database, but is not sent to the DX Cluster network.

+ Take a look at Network and Source columns in the first screenshot in

+ and the text that immediately precedes it.


              Dave, AA6YQ

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