Re: Solar Flux

Stan Gammons

Hi Franco,

On 7/31/22 06:41, 3a2mw Franco Lucioni wrote:
Stan, you can do it !
You have your "home garden" of Carribean and South America, and it will help very much increasing the number.
I work 6m since the year 2000 with a 1/4 wave vertical and 100w, and I have already 86 DXCC confirmed in the band.
My "home garden" is Europe, but with the help of TEP (Trans Equatorial Propagation) Southern African DXCCs and some S. American Countries are confirmed.
Asia is not so far, and the result is in the 87/86 DXCCs.
The FT8 mode helped very much in the last years, giving us the 15/20 dB advantage to CW.
So, go on and try !
Thanks for the encouragement. I'll try to make DXCC on 6 meters.  It
would be good to work you on 6 meters. I'd have Monaco on 5 bands if we
are able to have a QSO :)

One of my current projects is modifying a Larcan 1Kw lo-lo band (VHF TV
channel 4) amp to 6 meters. It's based on worked done by K1WHS. No real
hurry on that project, but I'm making progress slowly but surely.   My
old eyes have a hard time doing surface mount work anymore without 6 or
8x magnification. Eyes and hands aren't what they were 30 years ago.



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