Re: Transmit Power Different than Default

Dave AA6YQ

Dave, thanks for the reply but let this be my official request for a future update.

+ That's Enhancement # 1742 in the DXKeeper Enhancement log:

+ It was first submitted back in 2013. There have been very few requests for it since then.

+ Note that the first set of enhancements list in this log have been implemented; those that remain unimplemented are listed after those that have been implemented. Search for 1742 and you'll find it.

2nd question, however, I see no way too update the QSO power (the default) reported to DCKeeper after it’s automatically sent from WSJTX. Seems like there should be a way to edit all fields of a recorded Qso. There’s an edit button but it doesn’t allow me to change the power recorded.

+ The Edit button is present because you have the "Require Edit to modify logged QSOs" option enabled in the Main Log QSOs" options panel on the Configuration window's General tab.

+ The Main window's "Log QSOs" tab provides access to every item logged with a QSO. The Power item is located in the lower left corner of the QSO panel at the top of the tab.

+ To change the power logged with a QSO

1. select that QSO in the Log Page Display

2. click the Edit button above the Log Page Display (because you have the "Require Edit to modify logged QSOs" option enabled)

3. modify the power item

4. click the Save button just above the Log Page Display, on the left.

+ You can also modify the power items in a group of QSOs "en masse". See


Dave, AA6YQ

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