Re: Connecting a 2nd transceiver to Commander?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
My main radio is a Flex 6600 and has worked fine for a long time with Commander. I have added a FTDX10 to the shack that I also want to control with Commander. I have read thru the "Controlling Multiple Radios"  and Primary Cat Port Switching in the manual , but am hesitant to start some of those steps, not wanting to mess up the settings for the Flex. Also not sure if once setup, if I can have both radios running with CDR at the same time?
Can anyone who might be running two different radios share some of their experiences?

+ As described in "Primary CAT Port switching" section of

+ Commander can rapidly switch among 4 primary transceivers, either manually or as a function of frequency. Commander only controls and tracks the selected primary transceiver.

+ You can connect a second transceiver to Commander's Secondary CAT port, in which case Commander will control and track the selected primary transceiver, and the secondary transceiver will follow the selected primary transceiver's frequency and mode; with appropriate RF input protection, this can be used for diversity reception with two antennas. Alternatively, the selected primary transceiver can follow the secondary transceiver's frequency and mode. See the "Secondary CAT Port" section of the above-cited article.


            Dave, AA6YQ

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