Re: DXK - Incorrect Confirmation Status in WAZ report

Rick Murphy

Confirming that the behavior of Logbook changed here, as well as TQSL.
If a QSO is uploaded without CQ or ITU zones, and either of the zones are unambiguous, then Logbook will automatically add the zone to the QSO (as you observed.)
TQSL is also now setting the zone when it's unambiguous and not allowing station locations to skip setting the zone.
In all honesty, I resisted setting the zone by default in TQSL, framing it as a user choice - but once ARRL started overriding that choice, I saw no reason to continue allowing zones to be skipped.

(I did, however, get a chuckle out of the person who reported setting their zones in TQSL as being wrong as they were in Florida and "everybody knows" that Florida is in zone 4, i.e. the fourth call area.)

We have gotten better over time with helping operators get their station locations set correctly and completely.

On Wed, Jul 20, 2022, 02:06 Wolf, DK1FW <dk1fw@...> wrote:
Thanks Dave,

as usual your judgement was dead on. There was no Z in the cfm Box - it
was blank.
So DXKeeper behaved as it should in not showing the QSO Zone as
confirmed by LotW

Actually the problem was LotW related and a bit more complicated:
The LotW confirmation of that QSO was downloaded to DXK on 01-FEB-2011
At that time, if the user had not specified a zone, LotW did apparenty
not report a Zone.
Meanwhile LotW seems to have changed for cases, in which the Zone of the
country is unambiguous.
Inspection of current LotW QSO detail shows " CQ Zone 23 (inferred, user
did not specify  zone)"
I have invoked "update from LotW" for that QSO.
The cfm box now shows MZ and the QSO is shown as confirmed for Zone 23
in the WAZ report.

This information might be helpful to other DXLab users, who fall into
the trap as I did.

73 de Wolf, DK1FW

Am 19.07.2022 um 23:19 schrieb Dave AA6YQ:
> + AA6YQ comments below
> I generated a WAZ progress report today.
> Strangely the 12m WAZ CW report told me that I had Zone 23 worked
> (JT5DX) but not confirmed,
> That QSO is shown in my log as confirmed and DXCC-verified by LotW.
> I did a recompute but the information in the WAZ report persisted.
> + The LoTW confirmation may not include a CQ zone. To see if that's the case,
> 1. In the "Log Panels" panel on the Configuration window's Log tab, check the "Online QSL" box.
> 2. On the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab,
> 2a. select your 12m CW QSO with JT5DX
> 2b. what letters appear in the "cfm" box in the LotW sub-panel in the "Online QSL" panel?
> + If there's no Z there, than the QSOs' CQ zone is not confirmed via LoTW.
>       73,
>            Dave, AA6YQ

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