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I had the same issue when I upgraded Commander to 15.4.4. After the update, a control sequences file did load, but it was not the same control sequences that were present before the update.
The file that loaded was saved under Multiradio/user-defined control sets, radio 1. The file itself was in Commander/control sets. 
 I searched for the proper file, but could not find one, could it have been deleted? I looked at backups I have and found none. I then took Commander back  a version and all was back to the proper sequences.
I reviewed all the documentation, but I did not find a solution. One question I had was if a control set file was needed if only one radio was set up, I could not find an answer. In the past I had 2 radios set up, now only only, an FT450. 
Then I updated again, commander 15.4.4 still opened with the wrong sequences. Finally I did a workspace restore and the proper sequences were there. But I still can't find the proper control sequence file. If there is a file of the sequences I cannot locate it. I believe it should be under Commander/control sets. 
I might add this has never happened before when I upgraded Commander, all sequences loaded without issue.
So it seems like they are saved in the registry? 
All is good now, but I do want to create a proper control sequences file, hope to get to it in a few days. 
This did happen a couple weeks ago, hopefully I recreated the sequence of events faithfully. 

+ Each control sequence is stored in a file.

+ If you are controlling a single primary transceiver, Commander uses the Windows Registry to remember the filename associated with each control sequence.

+ A Commander update provides a new executable file. The update process cannot not alter the Windows Registry.

+ If you are controlling multiple primary transceivers, the "User-defined Control Sets" panel on the Configuration window's Multi-Radio tab lets you specify a "User-defined Control Set" for each Radio. A "User-defined Control Set" is a file that specifies the pathname of each user-defined control sequence and slider to be used when the radio associated with that User-defined Control Set is selected.

+ The reference documentation for user-defined control sets is here:

+ with task-oriented documentation here:

+ The file in which a user-defined control set is saved can be viewed with a text editor, but should only be modified via Commander.


                Dave, AA6YQ

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