Importing a Large DX4Win Log

Rick Heinrich

I remain a new user! I've been using DXKeeper for about three years and have been working my way through a bunch of different learning curve issues.

But now it is time to bite the bullet and import my large DX4Win log.  It is about 120k QSOs.

The log is made up of combined logs from all my calls.  Primary use is award tracking - so for DXCC US locations were OK and I could pick dates for 5BWAS.

So the initial question is what is the best way to import the log?  I realize there is a special DX4Win import which (I assume) recognizes some of the field structures of DX4Win into DXKeeper.  But here are some specific issues/questions:

1)  myQTH ID does not have a date field.  Is that important?  My award selections for Callsign/QTH are date specific so it may not be.  But if it is pertinent then I have the complexity of having a call, changing the call, and then reapplying for the original call several years later so I have two date ranges for a single call sign with another call sign in between.  Should I break the imports in call/date specific segments.  QTH lat/long will vary for the same callsign.

2)  When it is imported and I want to update the LoTW status of the ENTIRE log, what is the best way?  I have LoTW and paper QSL cards for my Honor Roll and 8BDXCC.  I've read many posts about size of files that seem to choke LoTW and hit a policy brick wall.  I am not trying to fool the system, but want to get all the records straight.

I have been dragging my feet on this for over a year because I am intimidated by the impact of missing a critical setting in the transfer or misinterpretation of a setting or field.  I don't want to screw up my existing 3k QSO log that was started in DXKeeper in 2019.

Is there a "step-by-step" guide for "dummies"? ;)  There is a lot of info in 55 years of DXing and contesting.  Some may not be recoverable if I screw up because some of the original logs no longer exist or were done in software that I may not have a loadable copy.

I graciously ask for the guidance from this key resource.

Rick N0YY

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