Re: 13Colonies how to make SQL Spot Collector filter

Jim N7US

I used DXLab for 13 Colonies for several years, using an SQL expression that I edited after each time I worked a new station.  It’s worked very well.


The information below is more appropriate for the N1MM reflector, and I’ve posted it there.


This year I’m using N1MM with a User Defined Contest file, special list of sections (the 13 states plus G and F), and a Call History File with only the 16 stations included.  With N1MM configured correctly, the stations already worked on each band, which is different than just working each station once, are colored grey in the band map.  Those available to be worked that are currently active appear on the bandmap and the available window, the latter being the more useful.


It's important to use the N1MM call history file with only the 16 stations included.  In the telnet window check the box to only show spots of stations in the call history file.


N1MM allowed me to work each needed/unworked station (on each band) when it is spotted.  I have worked about 80 stations, all on CW, which is not the intent of the activity, but I’ve found it to be fun.  To just work each station once, DXLab with the SQL works well.


I import each N1MM log into DXLab, which has been my general logging program for many years.


Jim N7US



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jon KM8V -   were you thinking of the RT66 On The Air radiosport event in Sept?    its a similar thing with a list of specific callsigns like 13Colonies?  like you, i was bored with tracking it manually... 

Jim N7US - ya i did the N1MM thing as well, it does provide a subtractive "need" list, but no help in selectively filtering spots so only the ones i yet still need are displayed to be able to simply "click to tune" to them.   as you have noticed hundreds of spots for the 13Colonies  occur, mostly i suspect because folks likely have their loggers to "auto-spot" what they work.

its easy to track/do manually of course...  after all, there are only 16 stations.... 

but thought as long as i have this Atomic Powered Swiss Army Knife id try to use it.   its almost the epitome of lazy  :-)) 


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