Re: 13Colonies how to make SQL Spot Collector filter


jon KM8V -   were you thinking of the RT66 On The Air radiosport event in Sept?    its a similar thing with a list of specific callsigns like 13Colonies?  like you, i was bored with tracking it manually... 

Jim N7US - ya i did the N1MM thing as well, it does provide a subtractive "need" list, but no help in selectively filtering spots so only the ones i yet still need are displayed to be able to simply "click to tune" to them.   as you have noticed hundreds of spots for the 13Colonies  occur, mostly i suspect because folks likely have their loggers to "auto-spot" what they work.

its easy to track/do manually of course...  after all, there are only 16 stations.... 

but thought as long as i have this Atomic Powered Swiss Army Knife id try to use it.   its almost the epitome of lazy  :-)) 

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