Re: 13Colonies how to make SQL Spot Collector filter


tnx all...

ya, ive been doing it with a simple spreadsheet for years... CW/SSB only as i despise FTx and what its done to 'twitterize' things... 

another is to simply use dxsummit URL, check 'em off one at a time as worked...,K2B,K2C,K2D,K2E,K2F,K2G,K2H,K2I,K2J,K2K,K2L,K2M,GB13COL,WM3PEN,TM13COL,K2B,K2C,K2D,K2E,K2F,K2G,K2H,K2I,K2J,K2K,K2L,K2M,GB13COL,WM3PEN,TM13COL,K2B,K2C,K2D,K2E,K2F,K2G,K2H,K2I,K2J,K2K,K2L,K2M,GB13COL,WM3PEN,TM13COL 

but i thought i'd be able to readily just have it work like DXCC country does... once worked it automatically comes off the list since no longer "needed"... if i have to manually remove it, i may as well just keep either the spreadsheet/URL solution, as its about the same effort.

but thanks for suggestions.

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