Re: Undocumented updates

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
I am an Icom fanboy and I will be the first to say that the company
does not document CI-V well.

+ Icom is better at documenting its CAT commands than most. Recall that I had to write the initial documentation for the Flex Signature's ethernet API by asking questions of Flex engineers.

+ Until recently, I would have said that Yaesu is the worst at it - but thenĀ  I encountered Thetis, which is unbelievable poor.

+ Recall the FT-817/857/897 disaster, in which an undocumented command that writes to non-volatile memory addresses was used to modify radio parameters not accessible via the documented CAT command set. One logging application took advantage of this, ignoring the point that non-volatile memories have a finite "write budget". Exceed that budget, and the memory stops working, which bricks the radio. Evidently, Yaesu no longer has access to replacement parts, so those radios are not reparable.

de AA6YQ

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