Re: DXKeeper 16.6.6 is available

Alan N5NA

- provides a Report button on the Main window's "My QTHs" tab that generates a myQTH report that shows the number and percentage of
total QSOs made from each myQTH (requester lost in the mists of time)
Thanks for the MyQTH report button!  Would it be possible to add a box letting you know the report is being created with an abort button and progress bar?  I have 99000 QSOs and 311 MyQTHs and it takes about 63 seconds to prepare the report.  The first time I ran it I didn't think it was working and pressed the report button a couple of times which produced a box saying the report couldn't be created.  Finally the report came up.

A box letting me know the report is being created would be really helpful.

73, Alan N5NA

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