Filtering SC on Tags

Scott Stembaugh

I have the 13 Colony Stations in the Special Callsign table with the tag 13-Colonies.  When I enter 13-Colonies in the filter box and strike 'Tag' SC filters appropriately. But when I try to set a filter button with SQL expression "Tags = '13-Colonies' and mode = 'cw'" I get nothing in the display.  I have tried "Tag" and "Tags" with the same result (no errors, just nothing displayed).  I have tried "<>" around 13-Colonies but that throws a SQL error.

Since I only have the 13 Colony stations currently in the Special Callsign table, filtering on len(tags)>0 works.  But I would expect Tags like '13*' to work, but it doesn't.

I really would like the filter to also only show 13-Colony stations I have not worked this year, but that may be pushing it...

Thanks for your help.


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