Re: DXKeeper take 5 minutes to start?


Finally, and thanks for the list of "application interference", the NVIDIA software seems to be the cause of Launcher delay.
So by removing the NVIDIA Experience software, Launcher start "normally", and no more "wait' between these 2 lines from the log file 
2022-06-30 05:47:24     > DXLab Apps        : 
2022-06-30 05:47:24     > Monitors          : 3

However, it has no impact on long restart of DXL software (such as WW), ie closing WW, wait 10s, and try to restart it... it could takes up to 5mn also... but this is a different topic, and I have not analysed the log. Another day.

Note : Nvidia Experience software was not running in my configuration. The software was installed, but I have already tried several months ago to disable all services and no activity on the tack manager was visible, assuming nothing is running.
Uninstalling the software is efficient, not only disabling the services and from startup in task manager. That makes the difference.

73 - P@t


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