Re: Can not locate exported file to be sent to LOTW

Dick Bingham

Greeting to everyone who assisted me with suggestions.

I finally shut the computed down, restarted it. and started everything as Administrator.

I exported a DXKeeper file to be submitted to LOTW and found it using TQSL to send
the file to LOTW.

Everything seems to be working fine _except_ for very infrequent "hangs" in the WSJT-X
logging process that may take several minutes for 'something' to return to it's senses and
the popup logging screen closes. During the 'hang'  the QSO was sent to LOTW.

In any event, I now know how to correct errors in submitted material to LOTW. At least
four FFMA chasers are now very pleased to have their CN98 QSO with me corrected (from the
CN97 status that got set during a hard-disc failure and ME rebuilding my DXKeeper
resident log).

Again, thank you to all who assisted.

73   Dick/w7wkr

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